Friday, 28 March 2014

"O eu de cada pessoa tornou-se o seu próprio fardo; conhecer-se a si mesmo tornou-se antes uma finalidade do que um meio através do qual se conhece o mundo. E precisamente porque estamos tão absortos em nós mesmos, é-nos extremamente difícil chegar a um princípio privado, dar qualquer explicação clara para nós mesmos ou para os outros daquilo que são as nossas personalidades. A razão está em que, quanto mais privatizada é a psique, menos estimulada ela será e tanto mais nos será difícil sentir ou exprimir sentimentos." 
“All my possessions for a moment of time.”
Queen Elizabeth I
                                 "To be alone as a woman"
© James Gallagher
donnez-moi donc un corps.
“All my life my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.”
"At that time I lived with and for the rain. I tried to imagine how everything I saw would look in the rain and on the screen. It was part game, part obsession, part action. 
I had decided upon several places in the city I wanted to film and I organized a system of rain watcher, friends who would telephone me from certain sections of town when the rain effects I wanted appeared. I never moved without my camera - it was with me in the office, laboratory, street, train. I live with it and when I slept it was on my bedside table so that if it was raining when I wokue up I could film the studio window over my bed... 
With the swiftly shifting rhytm and ligh of the rain, sometimes changing within a few seconds, my filming had to be defter and more spontaneous."

Like music, it is within ourselves

O malogrado Que viva Mexico!, Einsenstein 
Two Years at Sea, Ben Rivers

We enter our environment, and it is perceived through us – the environment and us coexist: we function through one another.
This disappearance of any emotional distance between the self and the landscape is what characterises Eisenstein’s concept of nonindifferent nature. 
Briefly the images on the screen anticipate the delirious all-over textures of Abstract Expressionism, where human and vegetal forms inextricably merge. 

a natureza não é indiferente

© Katrien De Blauwer

"...the whole complex of emotions and traits that characterise me extended infinitely beyond me to become an entire, vast country with mountains, forests..."

Eisenstein’s idea of 
the filmmaker as the landscape