Friday, 3 February 2012

The White Shadow blogathon

Last year, the New Zealand Film Archive and the National Film Preservation Foundation announced that they'd discovered a tinted print of The White Shadow (1924), "an atmospheric melodrama starring Betty Compson, in a dual role as twin sisters — one angelic and the other 'without a soul.' With mysterious disappearances, mistaken identity, steamy cabarets, romance, chance meetings, madness, and even the transmigration of souls, the wild plot crams a lot into six reels." As David Sterritt noted in that announcement, though he was only 24 at the time, "Alfred Hitchcock wrote the film's scenario, designed the sets, edited the footage, and served as assistant director to Graham Cutts, whose professional jealousy toward the gifted upstart made the job all the more challenging."
Today, Farran Nehme, Marilyn Ferdinand and Roderick Heath have announced that their third For the Love Film blogathon, running from May 13 through 18, will be a fund-raising drive to rouse up the $15K needed to get The White Shadow on the NFPF site so that we'll all be able to see it for free for four months.

Apesar da blogathon ser só entre 13 e 18 de Maio quem quiser pode já doar (nem que seja apenas um bocadinho) neste site. Vá lá, quem é que não quer ver esta preciosidade de Hitchcock?! Eu já estou apaixonada por esta frame de Betty Compson.

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