Sunday, 19 February 2012

"[I]n stark contrast to the oeuvre of his erstwhile New Wave comrade, Jean-Luc Godard, Truffaut's films are not overtly political in any way. 'For right or wrong, I believe there is no art without paradox: now in the political film, there is no paradox, because already in the script, it is decided who is good and who is bad.' ... Truffaut's rejection of current topics or fashions is not a conservative one, but the need to retain a freedom and purity of expression uncluttered by the zeitgeist. For him, the eternal theme of Love 'is more important than social questions. It is the way to lead people to truth. There is more truth in sentimental relations than in social relations. There is more truth in the bedroom than in the office or the board room.'"
- Ronald Bergan in François Truffaut: Interviews

He made films that reflected his three professed passions: a love of cinema, an interest in the difficulties of male-female relationships, and a fascination with the problems of children.

Parabéns atrasados, François.

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