Friday, 13 January 2012

Não era só Godard

Originally, I accepted the Bris commercials in order to save the lives of my self and my families. But that was really secondary. The primary reason I wanted to make the commercials was that I was given free rein with money and I could do exactly what I wanted with the product’s message. Anyhow, I have always found it difficult to feel resentment when industry comes rushing toward culture, check in hand.
-Ingmar Bergman

(em relação ao anúncio a Campari)“In just one minute,” writes Tullio Kezich in Federico Fellini: His Life and Work, “Fellini gives us a chapter of the story of the battle between men and women, and makes reference to the neurosis of TV, insinuates that we’re disparaging the miraculous gifts of nature and history, and offers the hope that there might be a screen that will bring the joy back. The little tale is as quick as a train and has a remarkably light touch.”

Incrível como em anúncios a produtos comuns, autores como Bergman e Fellini conseguiram imprimir de uma forma tão distinta e subtil a sua assinatura. Eu por mim, no que toca a Fellini, em Campari vi imediatamente La Citta delle Donne, em Barilla vi La Dolce Vita e em Banca di Roma vi Casanova e, outra vez, La Citta delle Donne. Viva Fellini!

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