Friday, 6 May 2011

Por aqui dança-se. E tu Tom Ford, por onde anda o teu novo filme?
His next choice will be a remake of the 1979 “camp classic” Roller Boogie. “I want to make a movie with a lighter hand than A Single Man,” Ford said. “It hurts me to know that some people found my first film to be too artistic, and perhaps a little contrived. For that reason, I feel the need to create something grittier and less maudlin, yet enlightening.”
The original Roller Boogie is set in in Venice, LA at the height of the quad roller derby fad of the 1970s. The stars, Bray and Blair fall in love boogie skating to disco music, while trying to save their beloved rink from developers with an anti-establishment theme. [daqui]
Aparentemente vamos para a pista de patins ao som de disco. Tenho receio, mas pelas mãos de Tom Ford só pode ser coisa boa.

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